The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship with Alina Boyte of The Heart Centered Life Podcast


Today on the show we have Alina Boyte, the creator of The Heart Centered Life Podcast. Alina is committed to being a social entrepreneur, encouraging others to live a more heart centered life and in turn creating a positive change in our world. Her company partners with people with the same commitment.

Trained as a law professor, Alina realized through her years of research that if we want to see social change in the world, the answer will not come from laws and regulations. We discuss how most corporations are motivated by the bottom line and are not concerned with their impact on the environment and our communities. As a result, we’ve seen a growth of social entrepreneurs who are more socially and environmentally conscious.

Alina goes on to explain the difference between corporations whose mission it is to make a social impact and corporations who are more concerned about their profits and make smaller efforts towards helping those in need.

Our discussion transitions to thoughts on how to start a socially conscious company as well as what to keep in mind as the company grows. 

Alina goes on to talk about why and how she started a Podcast and why she’s also had success with creating videos to engage with her audience. As a new entrepreneur herself, Alina discusses how she hopes to expand her audience to reach outside of her current network and what she loves about the podcast community.

Key Topics:
  • Alina’s realization of what will help create positive change in our world (00:48)
  • Identification of companies who have identified themselves as agents for social change (01:34)
  • Are companies that have corporate social responsibility initiatives genuine in their efforts to have a social impact? (02:57)
  • Steps on how to start a social entrepreneurship (05:42)
  • Can a traditional Corporation transition to a social entrepreneurship? (07:27)
  • Why Alina decided to start a podcast as well as videos to tell her story and encourage social entrepreneurship (10:27)
  • Alina’s biggest challenges launching the podcast and how she overcame them (12:57)
  • The biggest impact Alina has experienced since starting her podcast (13:51)
  • The ideal audience for Alina’s podcast and who would be the perfect guest (15:16)
  • Alina’s advice for those who would like to get started on their own podcast for their social initiative (16:25)
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