How to Use a Podcast to Teach Democracy with Jenna Spinelle of the Democracy Works Podcast



Our guest this episode is Jenna Spinelle, she is the host and producer for Democracy Works a podcast that is dedicated to bipartisan discussions about important issues like democracy.  With the last presidential election, there seemed to be a renewed interest in discussing democracy, people wanting to be more informed about what it meant to live in a democracy. There were a lot of books being written but not a lot of conversations happening in the podcast space so they took a chance.

They knew they wanted to start a podcast but none of them knew how to get it started. WPSU Radio, a local public radio station wanted to partner with them which worked out great.  They now have an arrangement where their show has a dedicated place on WPSU’s website, Jenna does promo’s for the podcast that air on the radio and some of the interviews they do end up on the radio as well.

They take pride in the fact that what they put out on the podcast has led to many comments letting them know that people are listening and thinking about politics.  It doesn’t matter if it is at the Federal level or at the local school board, our voices must be heard to make cause change.

With outlets like the Democracy Chronicles, a site that publishes news, commentary, and analysis about democracy in the US and around the world, they are educating people on what democracy means.

Key Topics
  • Introducing Jenna [01:01]
  • Jenna explains how she got interested in advocating for a healthy democracy [01:32]
  • The reasons she was interested in doing a podcast about democracy and why this format works [02.58]
  • How Using local public radio station’s resources can help you start a podcast [05:00]
  • Jenna tells us what the response has been from her audience when being educated about democracy and how they can get more involved no matter what their politics are [07:43]
  • The Challenges, road bumps and hurdles of hosting a podcast [09:21]
  • Jenna’s best advice and tips for people that are thinking of starting a podcast [12:08]
  • Face to face interaction can strengthen democracy, we as a people don’t relate one on one as they did years ago [16:15]
  • New trend happing with social media and YouTube content, explainers are being used to teach people more about the issues [17:32]
  • Jenna explains Democracy Chronicles, a site that publishes news and commentary about democracy [17:54]
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