Inspiring Women to Lead Purposeful Lives with Brandi Voth of The Power Project


The Power Project is a platform and online community created by Brandi Voth to build awareness of the issue of human trafficking. Brandi interviews survivors and soldiers in the fight against human trafficking, in hopes to inspire women to lead purposeful lives and take back their god-given power.

Origins of The Power Project

As an entrepreneur, Brandi was working with a team of women who were training women to build sales teams for a skincare franchise. She encountered a lot of women with limited mind sets — women who had given up on their ability to achieve their hopes and dreams.

At the same time, Brandi was getting involved in the fight against human trafficking. In that community, she met some incredible people doing massive things for the cause. She also met trafficking survivors who, despite having lived through horrific situations, were able to find strength and take the steps towards a successful second chance at life.

Brandi recognized that the two worlds could benefit from each other. So she decided to build a community where women could inspire each other through example. That community is The Power Project.

So why a Podcast? 

Divine design! Brandi is a podcast junkie, and she felt compelled to do a podcast to spread her message. She doesn’t even like the sound of her voice, but she knew she had a greater responsibility to get other people involved in a cause share. An Apple Store employee finally pushed her to do it, and days later, she launched her podcast.

Brandi’s Advice for New Podcasters
  • Done is better than perfect. Get it done and know that you can make it better as you go. You can build on terrible!

  • Google and Siri can be your best friends in the learning phase.

  • Find someone who’s done a successful podcast and learn from them.

  • There are some many resources out there for new podcasters. Brandi relied on Tutorial podcasts and YouTube videos when she started producing her podcast.

  • Make a content calendar so you know what direction you’re heading in. Be flexible, but have some direction

Mentioned in This Episode
Key Topics: 
  • What Brandi thought was a problem in a developing country was actually happening in her own backyard in Texas. (6:54)

  • Brandi found A21 – a global organization that works to fight human trafficking through education. (7:53)

  • Why authorities and ordinary people can’t stop human trafficking. (8:45)

  • The internet and technology have made human trafficking a really really accessible crime. (9:21)

  • What human trafficking looks like, and where it’s happening. (10:28)

  • Where trafficking predators are hiding. Online gaming chat rooms are the #1 place where predators can be found. (11:20)

  • Brandi works with a mentor program for women. It’s a 9-12 month program where women are restored and re-engaged in life. (11:57)

  • Profile of an easy target for human trafficking. (13:50

  • The difference between trafficking and prostitution. (14:40)

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