Living a Healthy Gluten-Free Life on the Road with Elikqitie of the Travel Gluten Free Podcast


You may have recently found out you are celiacs, gluten intolerant or have an allergy to gluten. You may be feeling frustrated, sad or even depressed that gluten can no longer be a part of your life! When Elikqitie first found out that she wasn’t able to eat gluten, she felt like my life was over, that she couldn’t eat anything and that enjoying going out to eat was a thing of the past. 

After months of research and gathering the right tools and information, Elikqitie figured out how to enjoy life again! Knowing what to eat, how to eat out and feeling safe when you travel. She knows how it feels to wonder if you are going to end up getting sick on vacation.  

Elikqitie found her calling for health and wellness after having her first daughter 23 years ago. She entered the health and wellness field as a Breastfeeding Counselor with La Leche League, working with other moms to give them support to successfully breastfeed their newborn babies.

Fast forward to 2015…Elikqitie decided to try the Adrenal Fatigue diet. While practicing this diet, she discovered she was gluten intolerant. She hadn’t realized how much this intolerance had affected her until she noticed her stomach wasn’t hurting or feeling bloated on a daily basis and she overall felt better.

The culmination of many different backgrounds and her experience with celiacs disease led her to publish her podcast Travel Gluten Free. Elikqitie noticed the difficulties of living a gluten-free lifestyle and how isolating this can be. She understands that eating out can be scary and anxious and that travel can be hard. It’s understandable why so many people with celiacs are afraid to travel! Who wants to be in nerve-wracking situations when you should be relaxed and enjoying yourself? Elikqitie wanted to give others the information she had learned after years of trial and error and finding out what works and what doesn’t. Her goal is to provide support to all who lead a gluten-free lifestyle and to support our  community. 

Being gluten-free can be a challenging way of life – even on good days! Let Elikqitie be your guide on your journey to lead a healthy, happy and enjoyable gluten-free life!

Key Topics
  • Introducing Elikqitie. [00:47]

  • How Mathew and Elikqitie met and the reason behind The Travel Gluten Free Podcast [01:37]

  • Elikqitie’s family history of celiacs [04:02]

  • Best basic tips for people who are travelling but gluten intolerant [07:25]

  • Why a podcast? [09:31]

  • Ways in which having a podcast for the message has been beneficial. [12:27]

  • Benefits of The Travel Gluten Free Podcast for its demographics [14:25]

  • Elikqitie’s podcasting journey [15:07]

  • Biggest challenges in podcasting and advice for potential podcasters [17:01]

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