Helping Veteran Fathers Reconnect to Their Families with Ben Killoy of the Military Veteran Dad Podcast


In today’s episode, I’m talking with Ben Killoy. After joining the Marine Corps straight out of high school, Ben tells us about his time in the service and what happened in the 10 years following that led him to start his podcast.

Ben goes on to discuss where the disconnect is for Dads when they come home and how this affect’s their families. He stresses the importance of working through the emotions they feel instead of suppressing them. In his podcast, Ben gives words to feelings that are not being processed by Veteran Dad’s, helping them to come home emotionally as well as physically.

We also talk about the evolution of Ben’s podcast and how he’s changed the format up over time to more effectively get his message heard.

We finish up our discussion with details about the charity Ben supports, Angels of America’s Fallen, an organization that helps support the children of our fallen heroes. 

Key Topics:
  • Ben talks about his time in the Marine Corps (2:15)
  • What happened to Ben in the 10 years after re-entering the civilian world (4:05)
  • Ben describes the moment he decided he wanted to do something more with his life (5:48)
  • The disconnect Dads experience when they come home (8:49)
  • Ben talks about the format of his podcast and how it’s changed over time (12:13)
  • What the impact has been from starting Facebook Live videos (16:36)
  • The biggest lessons Ben has learned about launching a podcast (19:05)
  • Ben tells us about the charity he’s supporting, Angels of America’s Fallen (22:40)
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