The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship with Paul Zelizer of Awarepreneurs


Today on the show we have Paul Zelizer, the creator of The Awarepreneurs Podcast. Paul is committed to be a social entrepreneur, encouraging others to create for profit business that help foster social change. 

Paul worked with the Tewa Women United Organization for 15 years and saw a pattern of for-profit business thriving and non-profits struggling and wondered if there was a better way. 

Taking what he has learned running a non-profit and now multiple businesses, he now runs a small mastermind community of social entrepreneurs helping them grow businesses that make real social impact in communities around the world. 

He points to a current members story and highlights how Nokiva is able to reimagine selling hand-crafted items from around the world.

Our conversation transitions into how leveraging a podcast as his featured marketing channel was the right approach to scale his community and ultimately lead to his ability to help and serve more people. 

Paul like most podcasters getting started didn’t know a lot about the medium, tools, or strategies, but trusting the process allowed him to find his footing and voice. The podcast now publishes two episodes per week enabling them to tell more stories and inspire more social entrepreneurs to make an impact.

Key Topics:
  •  Paul’s realization on how to affect change within a community (1:46)
  • What is social entrepreneur ship (3:04)
  • What is Awarepreneurs (4:00) 
  • Case Study of a social impact Entrepreneur Novika ( (5:47) 
  • Why launching a podcast was the right idea to spread the message (7:52)
  • How to make sure your podcast guesting has impact on your business (10:45)
  • Where did Paul’s story begin and how did it lead to Awareprenuerus (12:20)
  • What were the biggest hurdles Paul faced getting his podcast started (13:08)
  • What advice Paul would give for someone considering starting a cause-based podcast (14:10)
  • Why having a featured marketing channel is a key must for any entrepreneur running a business today (18:40)
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