Pushing Sustainable Living with Dave Gardner of GrowthBusters


Dave Gardner is the director of the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth and host of the GrowthBusters Podcast which is a part of GrowthBusters project, which promotes sustainable living (perpetual growth in the scale of the human enterprise is physically impossible, and our pursuit of continued growth of our economy and human population is stressing and injuring Earth’s life-supporting ecosystems). 

The project began as a documentary (GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth) released in 2011.

Key Topics
  • Introducing Dave Gardner and his podcast. [00:47]

  • How Dave got into his work on sustainable living [01:12]

  • The reason behind why Dave started a podcast after producing his documentary [03:54]

  • Advantages of audio in conveying a message [05:45]

  • Unique experiences and challenges that Dave encountered in the beginning [07:15]

  • Dave’s advice for cause-based podcast who wants to reach out to community radio stations [11:12]

  • Challenge with radio series [14:21]

  • Dave’s radio special and reusing of content [16:38]

  • Citizen Powered Media [19:31]

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